MidMods East

Violet lives on the East Coast in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, which is an hour and a half from Levittown, Philadelphia or New York City, give or take, depending on how fast she drives. Born in 1958 to parents whose interior decor ranged from 1940 to 1970, she has warm memories of the sixties and seventies. She is the owner of ALT House Business Communications where she is a Web designer and Graphic Artist. She currently lives in a 1923 brick Four Square home, which she maintains as closely to the original time period as she can. She indulges her love of Mid Century material culture by selling period collectibles at booth #72 at Weil Antiques and Clocks in Allentown, PA.

Violet loves bright colors. Her design aesthetic includes anything with an atomic motif and all sorts of Mid Century Kitsch, the tackier and sillier, the better. Her particular weaknesses include Atomic style lamps with fiberglass shades, figural planters, metal trays, and flamingos. She loves Mid Century textile design, graphic design, and signage.

MidMods West

Rachel is located on the West Coast in San Diego, California. She currently lives in a Mid Century Modern Ranch with a stunning view of both Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Rachel was born in the late 80’s and came of age at the turn of the century. Without ever looking back, she rejected the ersatz country crap of her childhood and embraced the Mid Century Modern Aesthetic of her father’s childhood.

Her favorite colors are ORANGE, amber, mint green and turquoise. She decorates her house in the Mid Century Modern design aesthetic of the fifties and sixties. Unlike her mother, whom she has referred to as a hoarder in the past, she prefers clean lines and hates clutter. Her favorite objects include any Scandinavian Teak furniture, Orange glass and Amberina, and MC Black ceramics like her Black Panther TV Lamp and her Black Gazelle statue.

Like her mother, she can usually be found in a museum, thrift store, flea market, or antique mall. She loves Mid Century Wall Art, Mid Century Christmas, and Leave it to Beaver.

A Few Things About this Blog…

Accuracy and Citations
Thanks for visiting with us. The MidMods enjoy Art and History and love to write about Mid Century Social and Material Culture. We make every effort to research our topics thoroughly and to be accurate in our articles and essays. Moreover, while we endeavor to use original images of things in our respective collections, there is no way that we can own everything we want to write about. Because of this, we do link to other informational blogs and websites. We make every effort to give credit where credit is due. If perchance we have made a mistake, we would be happy to correct information on this blog where need be. Please contact us via email at either east@midmods.com or west@midmods.com

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Yes, We Sell Stuff
This Blog is only a small part of our passion for Mid Century Life and Decorative Arts. We actively sell antiques and collectables both online at our ETSY store and at Weil Antique Center in Allentown, PA. Morever, we plan on participating in affiliate programs that we have deemed to be of interest and value to us and to our customers. While we may or may not get paid for promoting certain companies, items, and books, our opinions are always our own and we endeavor to be as truthful as facts and personal experience allow.